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Spring Cleaning Tips for Tenants

Spring is here.
There's something about the warmer weather, which inspires a spring clean in many of us. Maybe the bright light now streaming through our windows, which
shows up a mirage of grime accumulated throughout the dank gloomy winter months.

Whatever the reason, carrying out a deep clean now, and at regular intervals within your tenancy period, means you won't have a huge job when you decide to move, plus it could help safeguard your deposit, saving you time and money, in the long run. According to the Tenancy Deposit Service's Dispute Service Annual Review, in 2014, 53% of disputes over deposits were due to cleaning. Most tenancy agreements state that you must return the property to the state you found it in, and your deposit could be a risk if you do not follow this rule. This is why; all Martin & Co local offices hold deposits under one of the three Tenancy Deposit Schemes in England and Wales and the Safe Deposits scheme in Scotland. It gives both the landlord and the tenant peace of mind that the deposit monies have been lodged in safe hands.

Help is at Hand

When you come to make a start on your spring cleaning, it is easy to start procrastinating, so it is often good to have a checklist to help you prioritise and tick things off as you go trough your home. A checklist that may be useful to you, is this from lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart. It outlines basic techniques that will help you clean almost every surface (or object) in any room. The tasks are broken down by location, including outdoor spaces. The checklist also focuses on window washing and upkeep, which is essential if you're going to let the sun shine in on the bright days to come. It covers a lot, so you can tailor it to your needs. Here are our tips to make spring cleaning less of a chore and as easy as possible.

1. Stock Up

As a tenant it is often your responsibility to provide cleaning products and utensils. The first thing to check is whether you have enough of these items to help you through. Do you have enough sprays and wipes, cloths, etc? You will need a mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, window wiper, scowerers and more. If your products are running low, or your mop is looking a little less than hygienic, it may be time to invest in a new one.

2. Make it a Family Affair

Spring cleaning aside, keeping your home spik and span is a family affair. All people living in the home must contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness. Children should pick up their toys after playing with them, rather than leaving them on the floor. Crockery should be washed up after use, rather than leaving them on the kitchen worktop and dirty clothes should be placed in the laundry basket ready to be washed. These are important all year round but especially important a few days leading up to and during the big clean, to make it easier.

3. Dress the Part

It goes without saying that when you are carrying out a spring clean, you don't want to wear your Sunday best. The most practical option is to wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or stained. If you have long hair, tie it up, out the way and refrain from wearing jewellery.

4. Pace Yourself

A spring clean done well, will take a little more time than a few hours to complete. You will need to schedule in a few days to really do a good job, and to do everything on your list. To stay focused and enthusiastic, it is best to tackle one room at a time, rather than flit from one room to another. Plus, doing it this way will give you a great sense of achievement when you finish a room and see it clean and tidy.

5. Look After Yourself

As mentioned above, giving your rental home a spring clean will take time. Take regular breaks, have an energising lunch and remember to drink lots of water. Cleaning could be considered a form of exercise, and if you build up a sweat, can be tiring. So, after a long day, relax and recuperate, you could take a warm bubble bath or shower, just remember to keep it clean after you have finished! Lastly, this is an ideal opportunity to clear out some of your unwanted or unused household items and create more space. You could donate what's not needed to a local charity shop, pass them on to a friend or make some money and sell them at a local car boot sale or on the Internet. It is advisable to check your local newspaper to find out where and when your nearest car boot sale is held.

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