Spot checks on Glasgow HMO landlords

Spot checks on Glasgow HMO landlords

Council bosses in Glasgow are clamping down on HMOs in the city.

According to a report in the Evening Times, council licensing staff will be able to make spot checks on properties which do have a license to ensure they are being properly run.

Any landlord found to be running an HMO without a license will be banned from collecting rent from tenants.

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act, officers are allowed to enter living accommodation to ensure conditions imposed by the license are being adhered to.

If a property is deemed not fit for occupation or the license holder has breached a condition of the license a report will be sent to the council and the license could be revoked.

Previously premises were only inspected at the time when the HMO licence went forward for renewal.

The clampdown follows concerns about poorly managed licensed HMOs and anti-social behaviour.

There are 3,067 HMO licences in force in Glasgow and last year around 270 complaints were received about licensed and unlicensed properties about issues such as water leaking into neighbouring properties, noise and other forms of antisocial behaviour.

Councillor Chris Kelly, licensing and regulatory committee chairman, told the Evening News: "It's only right that we take a tougher line on enforcement of licences for houses of multiple occupancy. Unfortunately there is a small minority of HMO licence holders who flout the rules.

"That is completely unsatisfactory for residents and neighbours and undermines faith in the overall system. So we are making it very clear to licence holders who fall short of an acceptable standard that we will intervene against them to the fullest extent possible.”