RICS overseas trip angers members

RICS overseas trip angers members

There is something about world travel that gets up the noses of estate agents and surveyors in this country.

So, when a picture appeared on the RICS’s Facebook page of a load of delegates on what MPs used to call ‘a fact finding tour’ which took them to Washington, it did not take long for members to express their ire.

Did they go business class? Couldn’t the whole thing have been handled more cheaply by a conference call? How “bloody much” (we quote) did this “jolly” (another quote) cost the membership?

Nearly a fortnight later, plus several thousand words of diatribe, accusation and rebuttal on the RICS’s LinkedIn page (who would have thought the RICS could be so entertaining?) and the controversy is still going strong.

The RICS delegates were, by the way, in Washington to learn how to measure up rooms.

We may have over-simplified that slightly, but that is the gist of it.

The annual US realtors’ conference, fondly attended by top brass at the NAEA, has drawn similar flak in the past.

Organisations might like to think of themselves as increasingly global – but is it really what the local members always want, especially when times are tough and subscriptions don’t seem cheap?