Revenge evictions ban law passed

Revenge evictions ban law passed

The House of Lords has passed a law banning so-called ‘revenge evictions’.

Passed as part of the Deregulation Bill, the new law will prohibit landlords from evicting tenants who complain about conditions in their homes.

According to housing charity Shelter, more than 200,000 renters face revenge evictions every year.

Prime Minister David Cameron mentioned in a speech about affordable housing two weeks ago that his government are putting an end to revenge evictions.

“What’s more, we are outlawing ‘retaliatory evictions’, so tenants don’t face the prospect of losing their home simply for asking that repairs be made,” he said.

Now the Deregulation Bill has been passed the next step is for it to receive formal Royal Assent at the end of March, just before Parliament dissolves for the General Election.

It will then need a ‘commencement order’ to bring it into force – it’s thought this will happen in October.