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Opportunity Knocks

Depending on the source you look at, it takes on average (from a cold start) between 176 to 200 days to sell a home.

This means the opportunity clock is now ticking before that March 31 deadline.

Potential benefits from the Stamp Duty holiday are:

  • Deals that were dead in the water over a difference in the value buyers and sellers were prepared to accept are now potentially resurrected.
  • Having more as a deposit is opening more of the mortgage market to buyers.
  • As is the decision by several lenders to reintroduce 90% Loan to Value mortgages.
  • If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll also benefit from the Stamp Duty removal if the place you’re buying is under the £500,000 bracket.

At MARTIN & CO we see working with a client to sell their home as a team effort. So, if you are interested to know how we’d help you make the most of the Stamp Duty window of opportunity, give us a call on 01274 589132

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