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Number of households privately renting has doubled in 30 years

Number of households privately renting has doubled in 30 years

The number of households renting from private landlords has more than doubled in the past thirty years. 

Some 22% of households now rent privately, according to a report from think tank ResPublica. 

In 1985 the figure was just 9%. 

Conversely, the number of households renting from public landlords has fallen dramatically during the same period.

In 1985, 30% of households rented from public landlords, a figure which has since fallen to 9%

The report also reveals that owner-occupancy levels are the same now as they were thirty years ago.

In 1985, 61% of households owned their home, the same proportion as today, ResPublica reports. 

This is despite a significant drop in the early 2000s. 

Earlier this year, the annual English Housing Survey revealed that in 2013/2014 19% of households rented privately, while owner-occupiers accounted for 63% of all households. 

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