No prison for landlord attack

No prison for landlord attack

A tenant who threatened his landlord with a knife has escaped a jail term.

The Warrington Guardian reports how Greg Nurse, of Long Lane, Orford, attacked landlord Mr Riaz when he visited the rented property to discuss Nurse’s rent arrears.

Philip Clemo, prosecuting, said: “The defendant said he was planning to leave the property and all his possessions in it and Mr Riaz asked him to sign a disclaimer.

“He scrumpled the papers into a ball and shoved them down the front of his boxer shorts and started to become agitated.”

Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday that 38-year-old Nurse started pushing Riaz before shouting and swearing in his face. Nurse punched Riaz three times as, terrified, he tried to call the police.

Nurse then jumped on top of him and tried to strangle him before running into the kitchen to get a weapon. He came back brandishing two kitchen knives and said he wanted to stab Riaz after picking up a broken piece of ceramic mug.

A neighbour burst into the flat and helped calm Nurse down before he broke down into tears.

Mr Clemo added: “He told police during interview he had acted like a jackass and wanted to apologise to everyone.

“He said his ego and pride had taken over.”

The court heard how the victim suffered cuts and scrapes to his face and said he had been suffering from anxiety and sleepless nights.

Nurse had no previous convictions and was described as a man of ‘good work ethic’ after moving to the country a few years ago.

David Rose, defending, said: “The incident occurred during a relationship break down and he had fallen into debt after moving into private accommodation.

“It was a low point of his life and he’s since completed a conflict management course through work.”

Judge Rachel Smith handed Nurse a 26-week sentence suspended for 12 months and 100 hours unpaid work.