NLA wants council tax relief for flood-hit landlords

NLA wants council tax relief for flood-hit landlords

The National Landlords Association wants the Government to give council tax relief to residential landlords whose properties have been hit by recent floods. 

The Prime Minister has already promised Business Rate relief for flood-hit businesses and the NLA wants that extended to council tax and landlords. 

“Landlords’ properties are their business. If flooding makes them uninhabitable, they face loss of income on top of costs of repair and renovation. In many areas they may also face having to pay Council Tax as well as councils have dropped discounts and exemptions which used to apply to unoccupied property” says NLA chief executive Richard Lambert.

The call comes amid growing concern that privately rented homes are to be excluded from the Government’s so-called ‘Flood Re’ - the scheme set up to ensure that flood insurance remains affordable and available to homes even in high flood risk locations.

Currently the proposals for the not-for-profit Flood Re fund would see all privately rented homes considered ‘non-domestic’ and therefore excluded from the scheme.

“If this [Flood Re] oversight is not corrected before the bill becomes law, landlords in areas already suffering the effects of flood damage are likely to find their businesses destroyed and mortgages invalidated by lack of insurance cover, leading to repossessions, empty homes and blighted communities” warns Lambert.