Mortgage broker jailed after fixing fraudulent loans

Mortgage broker jailed after fixing fraudulent loans

A former mortgage broker has been jailed for six years after arranging nearly £2m worth of fraudulent mortgages.

Adeel Mirza, 45, arranged mortgages for drugs trafficker Riaz Mohammed, who was convicted in 2008 of conspiring to import heroin into the UK from Turkey. Mohammed and several of his criminal associates were sentenced to a total of 87 years.

Mirza also helped former solicitor Elena Quinlivan to obtain over £1m worth of mortgages for buy-to-let properties.

Both Mirza and Quinlivan, a criminal defence lawyer and mother of two who once worked for an estate agent, were charged with fraud and deception offences.

Quinlivan was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in September last year. Mirza admitted his guilt in July this year.

?Passing sentence at Southwark Crown Court, Judge Higgins said that Mirza’s actions were of the “gravest moral turpitude”.