More tenants are struggling with their rents, warns debt charity

More tenants are struggling with their rents, warns debt charity

Increasing numbers of tenants are struggling to keep up with their rent, a debt charity has warned. Separately, a new report out today is expected to say that rising rents are forcing more working tenants into taking State benefits.

The Money Charity says that over the last few months, there has been a significant increase in landlords issuing claims against their tenants in the county courts of England and Wales.

The number of orders for possession, both outright and suspended, is also increasing, with nearly 70% of claims resulting in some form of order.?

Total UK personal debt has reached a new high, climbing above its September 2008 peak for the first time since the financial crisis, says the charity.

Michelle Highman, CEO of the Money Charity, said: "We know that many people feel trapped in the rental sector, unable to save the deposit required to purchase their own home. 

"This is in part due to the high level of rents they are forced to pay.

"That increasing numbers are unable to even sustain their rental payments is particularly worrying.”

The National Housing Federation is due to report today on rising rents and how more private tenants are being forced on to benefits to make ends meet.