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Martin & Co analyse buy-to-let investment interest in UK

Since April's pension reforms Martin & Co has seen a marked rise in enquiries about buy-to-let investment, most notably in the London and South East region. 23% of enquiries to the 'Ask Martin' microsite have been for London and 11% for the South East. 93% of enquiries intended to invest in buy-to-let or were looking for advice about how to take the first steps into buy-to-let investments. The enquiries come as part of Martin & Co's "Ask Martin" campaign, which compiled data to create ten regional market intelligence reports for each of Martin & Co's UK regions. Our research found that tenants in London are willing to pay £1,500 of rent a month and South East tenants £900 a month. This means that London buy-to-let investors can achieve a return of 13.2% based on rental income alone, and South East landlords 11.3%. The marketing reports are available to download and will give you as a landlord the opportunity to delve into the behaviour of each of our UK regions – and will be of particular use to you if you plan on investing in buy-to-let in the near future. The microsite has all the information you’ll need to learn more about the buy-to-let market, and you can also register to receive a free Martin & Co regional and/or national marketing intelligence report. The buy-to-let market continues to flourish in the wake of April’s pension reforms. The number of buy-to-let deals available to first-time landlords has increased 13% in just a few months (574 in April to 664 in June)*. It is likely that some of these opportunities have been accessed by the 60,000 pensioners whom the reforms affected. Interest rates are expected to stay at their current levels until the end of 2015, so those wishing to fund their retirement right now are able to do so through buy-to-let investments. *http://moneyfacts.co.uk/news/buy-to-let/btl-deals-for-first-time-landlords-on-the-rise/

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