Make your 2019 rental property stand out with a home office space

Make your 2019 rental property stand out with a home office space

The rise of home-based working is only going to increase in 2019. According to research from OddsMonkey in 2017, more than half of the UK's entire workforce will be working from home by 2020.

More detailed research showed working from home:

  *  Increases productivity by 16%

  *  Boosts morale among workers

  *  Increases employee retention rates

  *  Eases levels of employee stress

So, as a landlord, how can you get a slice of the working from home pie and reap similar benefits as the above when it comes to your tenants? The answer could lie in creating a home office space in your buy-to-let property...

While tenants can always use an additional bedroom in your buy-to-let as an office space, going the extra mile and creating a bespoke office could help make your property stand out on the listings.

It could also mean keeping your tenants happy and retaining them longer, reducing your costs in the long run.

Here are our top five tips for creating a brilliant office space for your tenants...


A good desk and two or three professional office chairs is an additional spend for you as a landlord, but as we mentioned above, providing a good space for your tenants to work in will help you stand out from the competition.

A solid desk and supportive office chair are must-haves in any home office.


Make sure there is plenty of natural light flowing into any space you aim to turn into a home office.

One of the things that working from home boosts is productivity and that could be because the environment is better than a commercial office lacking in natural light.


Look at things like power sockets. How many are there? Are there enough to service the needs of your working-from-home tenants?

If not, look into the best ways to create more power outlets either by way of new sockets, or safe multi-blocks. As always, you must ensure the electrics in your buy-to-let are safe.


One of the most important things in any home office is the Internet connection. While most tenants are expected to arrange WiFi connections themselves, one way to stand out from the crowd as a landlord is to offer WiFi as part of the monthly rent.

A high-speed connection is a must for home workers in the tech and communication industries and workers from these sectors could be your next long-term tenants.


Rather than using up critical floor space, consider things like tall modular shelving to make the best use of space in your new home office.

Your tenants will need space to work, but they'll also need space to store their work-related documents and equipment.

You could even consider making a wall in the office glass where your tech tenants can write ideas and brainstorm. It's easy to clean, but also looks great!

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