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Maintenance Tips to Consider During Winter!

As a Landlord or homeowner it is essential to protect your property during these harsh winter months to avoid any escalating or potentially costly repairs. As a Landlord, you also do not want unhappy tenants, so act as soon as possible to avoid the cost of unnecessary remedial work. Tenants may also be inexperienced in knowing what to look out for so it's worth advising them directly or us the managing agent if they are concerned.

Top Tips...

Boiler Service and Inspections: Give your boilers a once over as broken boilers can be costly. As a Landlord, you are required by law to have the boiler and any other gas appliances tested annually, and to be able to provide a certificate for this. This will demonstrate to tenants that you are committed to regular routine maintenance and care regarding them.

Check your Roofs, Gutters & Drains: Blocked gutters and drains can cause damp related issues especially if they are blocked from falling debris and leaves, creating water to run freely down external walls. It is also worth having your roofs checked if any slates have slipped which can also cause damp issues internally.

Check Seals around Windows & Doors: Sometimes landlords forget about insulation but if your property has any old doors and windows these may need replacing as they can create unwanted draughts, also this may improve the security of the property.

Advise Tenants: It is crucial you stay warm and safe during these cold months. This can not only strengthen your relationship but also ensure they are keeping safe and looking after the property. For example, remind them to keep the heating on low throughout, as freezing water in pipes can expand and cause cracks, which result in water leaks when you put your radiators back on. Also to keep an eye on blocked guttering as this can lead to damp, mould and condensation in the property. It is worth also telling them the location of the stopcock so that they can turn the water supply off in the event of an emergency such as burst pipes.

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