Landlord's property ruined by cannabis farm fire

Landlord's property ruined by cannabis farm fire

A rental property which was completely gutted by fire turned out to have been used as a cannabis farm.

The property, in Cardiff, was owned by landlord Obi Ljeoma, who lives in Windsor, Berkshire.

He had owned the property for ten years and had no insurance on the house, which had latterly been let out to four tenants. He was unaware of any problems, with the rent having coming in regularly, and he had last visited the property some six months ago.

Firemen at the house found amateur electrical wiring bypassing the main meter, alongside a large number of cannabis plants.

Ljeoma, who bought the property when his son was studying in Cardiff ten years ago, said: “I’d like to warn other landlords to keep a close eye on their properties, because you never know what could happen.”

It will cost him up to £60,000 to return the gutted property to habitable condition.