Landlords and Tenants are the Best of Friends

Landlords and Tenants are the Best of Friends
83pc of tenants are happy with their current landlord, and 50pc of landlords are 'very happy' with their tenants.

These are the findings from insurance firm Endsleigh, who surveyed 500 landlords and 1,000 tenants on their opinions of being part of the private rented sector.

28pc of landlords stated that they are happy to absorb the costs of rental increases to keep hold of good, reliable tenants; that is, they would prefer to charge lower rates in preference of good tenants.

40pc of landlords also said they would redecorate the property at their tenants' request.

However 47pc of landlords said the government is failing to protect the private rented sector and that tenants are favoured.

Meanwhile, 78pc of tenants feel the opposite is true, and that the government doesn't do enough to protect them from landlords who could put them at risk.

Generally, though, over two thirds of landlords agreed that the benefits of being a landlord outweigh the drawbacks - 12pc use rent as their main income source, and 36pc use their rental property as a way to plan for retirement.

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