Job satisfaction more important than money to UK workers

Job satisfaction more important than money to UK workers

More than six in ten (62%) UK workers enjoy their job with one in five (19%) going so far to say they love it reveals a study commissioned by Capital One.

The credit card company conducted the research to measure current levels of job satisfaction across the UK among full and part time employees.

In terms of age groups, the happiest workers in the UK are those over 55 with 67% saying they like or love their job.  Overall, women are happier in the workplace then men with the former outscoring the latter by 67% to 58%.

Regionally, Londoners are Britain's happiest workers with 71% of those employed in the capital stating they like their job (see full breakdown below).  Residents in the North East are the least likely to enjoy their work, with only half (50%) of workers in the region stating they like their current job.

Government figures show average earnings have fallen in real terms since 2009, but Capital One's research found high levels of job satisfaction with employees across the UK valuing the type of work they do, their colleagues and their working hours ahead of salaries.

The study found 56% of employees in Britain rate job satisfaction as the most important factor in ensuring they are happy at work compared with 36% who rank their pay above all else.  Among women job satisfaction rises to 63% with just 30% primarily motivated by salary.   The research shows that the older you get the more important contentment at work becomes: 61% of over 55's choose job satisfaction as their top factor compared with 54% of younger people aged 18 to 34.

When asked to identify what they most like about work, most respondents (41%) cited the nature of their job followed by their colleagues (31%). More than a quarter of respondents (28%) rate their working hours and despite heated debate about the merits of working from home, for 20% of people flexible working practices are a key perk of the job.

Karen Bowes, HR Director, Capital One said: "We spend so much of our lives in the workplace, so it's encouraging to see that so many people enjoy working and spending time with colleagues.  Good employers recognise that their staff are their best asset and invest in creating positive working environments, empowering through trusted leadership and offering secondary benefits that support employees work life, well-being and interests.

"We have a holistic wellbeing programme that helps employees manage their physical, emotional, intellectual and financial needs.  We provide a range of options for employees to choose from, including a free onsite gym, get active health stations, a critically acclaimed restaurant, workshops promoting emotional resiliency as well as innovative work spaces including a fully equipped music room, garden room, snow room complete with an igloo, a light house and beach huts to help boost our team's creativity.  Creating an environment for success boosts morale, innovation and productivity."

Top ten things people like about their work in the UK

* The type of work I do (41%)
* My colleagues (31%)
* Working hours (28%)
* Flexibility of employment (20%)
* Salary (20%)
* Sense of achievement (19%0
* Location of work (19%)
* Working environment (19%)
* Job security (15%)
* The commute (9%)

Top ten things people do not like about their work in the UK

* Salary (27%)
* Stress (27%)
* Little/no prospect of promotion (19%)
* Workplace politics (19%)
* Lack of job security (15%)
* Lacks of benefits (15%)
* The working hours (13%)
* The commute (12%)
* No sense of achievement (11%)
* My colleagues (9%)

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