It's All A Matter Of Perspective...

It's All A Matter Of Perspective...

As we enter a new Autumn season, do you see doom and gloom, or opportunity and profit in the current property market?

With so much 'noise' out there in the form of statistics and opinion, both from the media and property industry experts, it is easy to lose your own view and strike a balance between what you hear and what reaction you will have to what you take on board.

I have seen many changes in this business over the course of the last 16 years. I have seen people become very successful through property and I have seen others fall or be too scared to go for it and get involved. Wherever you are at on your property journey, remember this, "You will only ever achieve what you think you can, and what you think is possible, regardless of market conditions." 

Now, whether you believe me is a matter of opinion, of course! If you just stop and take stock of what your own experience has been to date and what your thinking is around that, then it may give you some important clues...

You see, there are people in the world who believe that nothing can stop them. They are confident and clear about what they want and they go out and make it happen. There are also those who are perhaps more cautious, or who have had bad experiences, which has affected their view of what is possible and therefore what their results have been. 

The truth is that there will always be obstacles which come in your way, and there will never necessarily seem to be a 'right time' to get involved with anything. 

You do have a choice as to how you view what is going on and what you intend to do about it.

For example, I have read various industry reports and articles over recent months, all of which give a different views and predictions about what is likely to happen, some positive, some negative.

The truth remains that if you are passionate about property and you educate yourself enough about how to build and run a successful property portfolio, then really, anything IS possible at ANY time, it's merely a matter of perspective!

So, the questions remain..."Do you see doom and gloom...or opportunity and profit? And what are you going to do about it, either way?"

Here's to making the most of this run up to the end of the year (and one of the best times to be buying property!

Hazel de Kloe

Property Investor | Property Mentor | Speaker | Author

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