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Is extending your Chelmsford property the best option?

As the costs of moving can be substantial (although still much lower than many other countries), many people find that extending their existing property is an obvious alternative. You can go up, you can go out or you can go down.

For most house owners, going up is an obvious first choice. A loft conversion or roof extension provide additional accommodation without touching the foundations or taking valuable space away from the garden. Bear in mind, however, that for any such extension to have a positive effect on the saleability and/or value of your home, there should be a good balance of sleeping accommodation with living space. A ''top-heavy'' house can be difficult to sell, as there is not necessarily enough living space to accommodate the waking hour needs of all the people who actually sleep there. In the UK we usually prefer to sleep above our living spaces, although there is no reason why some of the additional space should not be regarded as reception area.

Going out can provide a solution to this. Extending into the garden can provide accommodation over one, two or even more storeys. However, once again bear in mind that if you are creating a larger family house, families usually require a garden. If your house expands at the expense of your garden, you might have swapped one problem for another.

Going down is the third option, although there is a huge difference between converting a cellar and excavating a new basement. One of the main benefits is that planning permission is generally not required for either of these alternatives, although you will still need to comply with Building Regulation and get special permission if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

If you are considering your options we'd be happy to help you decide the best course for you and your property. Why not contact us today on 01245 330500

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