Is DIY home selling a good idea?

Is DIY home selling a good idea?
house-72711_1280Taking the DIY approach to selling your home is something that has increased in popularity in recent years. With people being more cash-conscious since the economic crisis and changes in legislation making it easier for people to sell online via DIY home sale websites and social media, this is understandable. But is selling your home this way a false economy? Here we take a look at the Pros and Cons of selling your home this way…  

Pros of DIY home selling

  • Selling your property yourself is typically perceived as being cheaper than using an estate agent
  • You can present your property in what you feel is the best light. Read our top tips to selling your home.
  • You can deal directly with prospective buyers to arrange viewings and get feedback there and then
  • Depending on the online estate agent service you choose, you could get lots of help and support with promoting your property.

Cons of DIY home selling

  • Typically, you may only receive limited exposure on the big property portals, so could be missing out on a sale
  • You need to be hands-on, from banging the “For Sale” board in to your front lawn to taking photos and writing up an eye-catching review of your home; from dealing with enquiries to arranging viewings. (Some people love this sort of thing, so if this is you, this is a plus point)
  • Once an offer is placed, you will have to negotiate with the buyer, check on the progress of the chain and generally keep on top of the house buying process
  • If you have sitting tenants or other complications relating to your home, you will need to seek professional advice on the sale (if you use an estate agent, they can do this for you)
  • You may not get the best price for your home due to:
    • lack of exposure, forcing you to take a below the market value offer in order to seal the deal;
    • not having the advisory and negotiation skills of an estate agent.

So, what is the solution?

How about a mix of the best bits of using a traditional estate agent, with the best bits of DIY home selling? At Martin and Co we are part of a new breed of estate agents offering sellers a choice when it comes to selling their property. We offer both a commission based Traditional Estate Agency Service where we handle all aspects of your sale, and a Fixed Fee Online service. The difference between us and other online estate agents is that we have real, experienced people, in local offices, to help guide you through the sales process. So that way you get the best of both worlds – the choice to use the service that most suits your needs and lifestyle, backed with expertise and exposure. In summary, selling a home can be both exciting as well as very stressful. Only you can decide whether you are going down the DIY selling route, or via an estate agent – or a mixture of the two. Whichever approach to selling your home you choose, our range of blog posts specifically for sellers offer a whole range of advice and help – from the ins and outs of conveyancing, to what to look for in an estate agent.