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I’m a Landlord and I Use a Letting Agent Because - part 2

In part two of our series on property management, we look at how letting agents save landlords that precious commodity that is always in short supply - TIME

The results of a survey of some 500 landlords conducted by Endsleigh Insurance found that using a letting agent saved them on average six hours a month.

Property management is unpredictable therefore Landlords are effectively on call 24/7 and if something were to go wrong you will need to drop everything and act, irrespective of whether you are busy at work or on holiday abroad.

On the other-hand employ the services of a Letting Agent to manage your investment and they’ll handle any matters arising allowing you to relax in the knowledge everything is being taken care of.

From a time management perspective a good letting agent will:

  • Good tenants are a key ingredient to a successful let, letting agents will source and reference check to give you that peace of mind.
  • There are more than 175 plus laws that apply to landlords in the UK, a lettings professional keeps up to date so you can relax in the knowledge you remain compliant.
  • In order to ensure a tenant is meeting their obligations a Letting Agent will undertake periodic inspections of your investment property.
  • Should the need arise a letting agent will offer support in the complex and stressful process of eviction.
  • Communication is key during any tenancy, a letting agent will maintain that contact meaning, you as a Landlord, don’t need to.
  • Maintaining up to date and accurate records is important, letting agents will complete the necessary administration for you and have that audit trail should it be needed.

In part one of this series (published last week), we looked at the financial benefits of using a letting agent to manage your property. If you missed it, you can read it here.

To learn more about our property management services, contact us here at MARTIN & CO.

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