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How To Increase The Value of Your Property Before Selling

Convert Loft, Basement or Garage

  • You can dramatically increase the price of your home by converting it and gain valuable extra living. Plus, if have a double garage, you could convert just half the space

Consider an Extension

  • Extensions increase the square footage of a property which usually adds value. However, the cost of creating an extension must be less than the value you'll gain from doing it.

Renovate Kitchen or Bathroom

  • Two of the most valuable rooms in your house, and therefore the most likely to add a extra value onto your home are your kitchen and bathroom. Particularly if your bathroom and kitchen are in need of modernisation, this investment can go a long way and will help your home sell quicker.

Improve Kerb & Garden Appeal

  • The kerb appeal is the first impressions potential buyers will have. So, make sure that paintwork is fresh, windows and doors are clean and all hedges, planting and lawn areas are neat and tidy, you can maximise the appeal.

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