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How Not To Spook Buyers This Halloween!

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling homes. This Halloween, make your home stand out from the crowd as a heavenly retreat, not a hellish mess! With witching hour just around the corner, we pulled together our top tips for making your home a dream to buyers' avoiding haunted house syndrome! Kerb appeal has never been so creepy!

Who You Gonna Call? Possibly A Gardener!
Overgrown foliage belongs in a Scooby Doo episode; don't let it ruin your home! Allow heaps of natural light to shower your property by ensuring your hedges don't overpower it! If you have particularly unruly or high hedges, consider hiring a professional.

Highway To Hell? Not With A Clear Entrance!
This may sound obvious, but allow your visitors to clearly see the way into your home. Some properties have indistinguishable front and rear entrances. A clear pathway leading from the street to the door immediately draws viewers into the property, instead of worrying about how to get in. Trim grass so there is no mistaking the entry route. It's all about making buyers' experience that little less scary!

Afraid Of The Dark? Introduce Lights!
Lights are not only a great way of illuminating an entrance; they also keep ghosts and ghouls at bay (probably!) External lighting is a great way of setting an inviting tone - double security points if yours are motion activated!

The Devil Is In The Detail - So Clear That Hellish Mess!
Sometimes our outside spaces can become an overspill area for our possessions - particularly children's toys! Take some time to clear such mess so your home radiates clarity and space. Viewers' eyes will not be distracted by clutter, but instead will be focussing on your property in all its glory! If you haven't already, why not invest in a shed? The right choice can add a small fraction to your property price and act as a tidy place to hide a multitude of sins!

A Trick That Will Go Down A Treat!
Softly scented candles will bring your home to life and make viewers feel more relaxed and welcome. Try to avoid strong scents as these can be polarising. Something simple such as cotton or linen usually works a treat... for bonus Halloween points; why not try candy corn scented candles?

Make Ghastly Grass A Thing Of The Past!
Banish creepy crab grass and bust out the lawnmower! A freshly cut lawn is one of the most simple and cost effective ways to smarten up the exterior of your home.

Clean Windows Of Haunted Hand Prints!
Clean windows not only allow more natural light in, but they also make the rooms themselves feel bigger and brighter. Many viewers are more likely to buy a property if it is clean, and eradicating handprints from windows is just one way of ticking this off the list of viewers' ever-expanding wish list!

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