The most impressive home renovations on Instagram

The most impressive home renovations on Instagram

Property renovations are huge projects to take on and when the going gets tough, or the ideas dry up, we all need inspiration from elsewhere.

The best place to go is Instagram, where some of the best renovation projects are currently being documented for thousands of followers.

Here, we’ll look through some of the best renovation accounts on Instagram and answer some of your renovation questions…


What is the best time of year to do a home renovation?

All renovations can have major disruption on your day-to-day life so, in that sense, there’s never a perfect time to undertake major work.

However, big projects like extensions or kitchen renovations are best carried out in late spring or through the summer.

That will enable outdoor work to take place when the weather is drier and also means you won’t be stuck inside surrounded by dust and tools.

If you’re planning groundwork, however, this is often easier in the winter when soils are soft and vegetation has died off.


What is the average cost to renovate a home?

Of course, the cost of your renovation project will depend on the amount of work you’re planning and who undertakes it.

But a breakdown of some of your potential costs could look like this:


  • Single storey extension – £40,000 to £50,000
  • Loft conversion – £1,200 to £1,500 per square metre
  • Removing a wall and inserting a Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) – £3,000 to £5,000
  • Replacing windows – £200 to £800 per unit
  • Wall and loft insulation – £4,000 to £15,000


Home improvement ideas: The best of 2020

Instagram is full of accounts dedicated to property renovations – here are some of the best of them…


Best DIY turnaround

When it comes to before and after home renovations, there are few more impressive than Olivia’s.

Londoner Olivia is slowly renovating her ex-council flat and doing most of the work herself, while also documenting its progress and providing tips for her followers along the way.

With an eye for functional design, Olivia is utilising eave spaces in her flat for wardrobes and storage.

The before and after pictures above, meanwhile, show how she has transformed her living room.



Best long-term project

Cal and Claire bought this run-down Victorian house in Dunoon, Scotland and were told to knock it down and build their dream home in its place.

But the couple fell in love with the derelict old building and opted, instead, to restore it to its former glory.

Carpenter Cal and hands-on Claire’s journey is being followed intently by 166,000 people on their Instagram account.



Best ambition

Birmingham couple Lucy and Dan have picked up several awards for the way they’ve documented their renovation of this house in the West Midlands city.

After completely gutting the property, the pair replaced all windows and added a large kitchen living space to the rear of the house.

The steel casement windows looking out on to the garden are just one of many striking features of a hugely successful renovation project.



Best renovation on a budget

Not all renovations have huge budgets to work with – but that doesn’t mean they won’t reach the heights of those that do.

The Allens from South London are renovating this Edwardian property in the capital and have not only completed much of the work themselves but have also picked up some amazing bargain pieces along the way.

Reinstating the property’s period feel, they removed an ugly 1970s electric fire and replaced it with a stunning Edwardian surround.



Best renovation newbies

Describing themselves as ‘clueless’ renovators, the results achieved by Darius and Jess at their property in North London would suggest otherwise.

The pair have already finished work in their kitchen (above), garden and main bedroom, but have plenty more planned for the property and are regularly sharing updates, tips and information on their Instagram page.



Best Victorian renovation

Often, when it comes to renovations, you wonder how the people behind them find the time.

That’s the case with Annika and Rach, who are in the process of injecting new life into their Victorian semi while also working full-time.

As well as taking their 27,000 followers through their progress, they’ve also created a highlights reel of amazing DIY tips.

The finish in their main bathroom (above) proves they’re very much on the right path towards creating a truly special home.



Best minimal aesthetic

Architect Tom and town planner Emma are what you might call a dream team when it comes to property renovation.

The couple are progressing nicely with transforming their 18th century Edinburgh cottage and have stuck to the period principles of their home by laying a traditional flagstone floor and limestone worktop in their bespoke kitchen.



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