Help to Buy Isa not enough to deal with rising house prices

Help to Buy Isa not enough to deal with rising house prices
Research by the BBC suggests that the government-led Help-to-buy Isa is falling short of targets due to ever-increasing house prices.

28pc of areas in England exceed the £250,000 price cap for a Help to Buy Isa bonus of up to £3,000.

25pc Isa bonuses are granted when making first-buyer purchases of properties up to the value of £250,000, and £450,000 in London. A two-bedroom house is within this limit in just under three quarters of England.

Properties in the south east exceed the cap in 67pc of cases, 65pc in London, 61pc in the south east and 53pc in the east. Just 5pc of areas in the North East, Midlands, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire fell outside the price limits.

One bedroom flats in London were within the £450,000 limit in two thirds of boroughs, and only 10pc of three-bedroom houses in London fell within that bracket.

The most expensive two-bed properties outside London were in Surrey (£551,000) and the cheapest were in County Durham (£45,000).

The figures will be good for landlords, as the evidence suggests that the younger generations are struggling to take their first steps on the property ladder, especially in the south. Also, larger family homes are being counted as part of the Help-to-Buy ruling - therefore, family housing stock is likely a popular option for those forced into renting for the immediate future.

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