Government announces review into safety standards in rented homes

Government announces review into safety standards in rented homes

A new review looking into standards in the private rented sector has been announced.

It will in particular consider if new rules are needed on installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

An amendment to the Energy Bill was made in the Lords last week which will give the Government enabling powers to introduce a requirement for carbon monoxide and/or smoke alarms in private rented properties.

The amendment will not be implemented until the results of the review, which will consider technical issues and current overlapping regulatory requirements.

A discussion paper will be published in December seeking the views of the housing sector and other interested parties on whether the system of regulation for private rented homes ensures adequate conditions and safety, or whether it could be improved or simplified.

Speaking in the Lords, CLG minister Baroness Stowell said: “We will now take forward a wide ranging and fundamental review into property conditions in the private rented sector, considering very carefully the case for requiring landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms and/or smoke alarms in their properties.

“We will also engage widely with interested organisations including landlord associations, housing charities, tenant groups and professional bodies.

“In addition to considering whether smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be required in privately rented housing, the review will also look at the minimum standards tenants should expect when renting a property.”