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Great Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

If you live in a flat or an apartment, you’ll know all too well that every centimetre of space really does count.

Perhaps you’re renting, or maybe you’ve bought your dream home.

Either way, if you’re planning on having guests over during the Christmas period, you’ll want them to feel in the festive spirit.

But how can you make the most of your space when it comes to Christmas decorations?

Let’s take a look at some great Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces…

Christmas decoration ideas: How to decorate a small space

So, you’ve got less space than you’d probably like.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t deck the halls with the best of them.

You just have to be creative with the space you do have and make the most of it.

Use the spaces you don’t always use

One of the best ways to decorate a small home for Christmas is by using space that is normally home to thin air.

So, the corners of your living room can become home to a dwarf tree on top of a book case or chest.

Or you could even create a festive scene with small ornaments.

Use vertical space

If you’re low on square footage, look upwards to bring out the best of your Christmas creative spirit.

Hang decorations from light fittings, over doorways or from windows.

Use your walls

Walls can really bring out the best in any Christmas décor.

Think of your walls as a blank canvas for the festive season and hang things like mini wreaths, plates – even ornaments.

Christmas table decorations

Even if you can’t take your eyes off the eight-foot Christmas tree of your dreams at the local garden centre, you’ll probably have to concede defeat if you live in a smaller property.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive tree.

Grab yourself a smaller tree, around three or four feet in height, and perch it on a nice round table – scattering presents around it.

That way you get a little height without having to drag a huge tree into your flat, only to find that it doesn’t fit.

If you really don’t have room for a tree, set some candles up on your table with a holly wreath around the outside for a nice festive touch that takes up no space at all.

Use plenty of warming light

The best thing about this tip is all you need is a bowl, some water and a few floating candles.

Half fill your bowl with water and scatter some rosemary sprigs and cones around the outside before lighting your floating candles.

This makes for a stunning, low-space-using centrepiece on any Christmas table.

Embrace scents

One thing that requires hardly any space at all (sometimes even none) is the smells of Christmas.

Cook up some orange, cinnamon sticks, rosemary and cranberries with water and simply leave simmering all day.

The fragrance is just pure Christmas, but if you’re looking for even more, try a cinnamon candle, too.

Bring in the floral feeling

Flowers can make a huge difference to a small space at Christmas.

Decorating for Christmas is all about creating a ‘feeling’ and that’s where floral tones come in.

Go for deep reds, whites and, of course, green foliage from eucalyptus, box, ivy, yew and fir.

All white on the night

A white Christmas is once again looking unlikely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the same festive feeling.

Hang some white lights from your window and let them flow down – it will look just like illuminated snow.

DIY Christmas decorations

Not only is space stretched at Christmas, but time is, too.

So, rather than traipsing around the shops in a busy town centre trying to find inspiration for Christmas decorations, why not make some yourself?

You’ll save money and you could even enjoy a glass or two of mulled wine while you get creative.

Do you remember making snowflakes by snipping paper when you were a child?

If so, try it again and hang some homemade snowflakes from your ceiling or pin them to your windows.

If you’re looking for a really quick homemade decoration that really makes an impact, why not try creating some luminaries from old coloured jars?

Finally, if you’re having people over for Christmas dinner, try making some special place names by making tiny wreaths out of rosemary sprigs and attaching name cards with string.

Modern Christmas décor

Even if you’re tight for space, you can still introduce festive colour schemes to your Christmas décor.

Try red, orange, deep purple or dark blue cushions on your sofa to really add a warming, homely feel to your property over the Christmas period.

And staying on the theme of warmth, if you have a fireplace and mantelpiece, decorate them with modern trinkets like small brushed chrome Christmas trees.

And don’t forget to hang the stockings from the fire surround – because tradition still has a place in even the most modern Christmas décor.

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