Cannabis farm found in rented Nottingham property

Cannabis farm found in rented Nottingham property

A Nottingham landlord faces a massive repair bill after his property was used to grow cannabis with a street value of £200,000.

Landlord Jack Carr had no idea what was happening in the house he rented out in Foxearth Avenue in Clifton until he received a call from the police last week after officers raided the property.

After being alerted to a strong smell by neighbours, police discovered a cannabis farm with 268 plants. Large scale cultivation was taking place in the upstairs bedrooms and loft. The complex set up involved air ducts to take away the smell, dozens of large light bulbs to help the plants grow and electrical wiring bypassing the meter to gain free electricity directly from the mains.

The cannabis farm has caused extensive damage to the house, but when Carr made an insurance claim, he was told he was not covered under his policy. 

His insurer Towergate Insurance said: “It is vital for anyone buying insurance to check very carefully the precise cover their policy provides so that it meets their requirements. Unfortunately the let property policy purchased by Mr Carr clearly stated that it will not respond to damage caused by illegal activity to his property.”

Nottinghamshire Police says a man has been arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class B drug.

The story serves as a stark reminder to landlords to fully vet potential tenants, make regular visits to rented property, and to check insurance policy small print before buying.