Bogus insurance claims topped £1billion last year

Bogus insurance claims topped £1billion last year

More than 1.7 million (6%) UK motorists would consider making a claim for a personal injury after a road accident, even if they knew they weren't badly hurt, according to research commissioned by

The survey of UK motorists also revealed that:

* 66% feel that people making claims for minor injuries are pushing up the costs of insurance for everyone;
* 66% believe that personal injury lawyers should not be allowed to cold call or text people;
* 63% said that people should only claim for an injury if it caused them to miss work or directly affected their life;
* 6% of motorists would consider making a personal injury claim even if they knew they weren't badly hurt;
* 4% of motorists said that people should do whatever they can to get money out of insurers

However, despite nearly two thirds of motorists feeling that personal injury claims were pushing up the cost of insurance for everyone, almost the same number (63%) still believe it's fine for people to try to get compensation if they have been seriously injured in a road accident which wasn't their fault.

Scott Kelly, head of motor services at, said: "It's unfortunate that both the ABI and our findings suggest that not only is there somewhat of a growing compensation culture in Britain, but also that there are a small minority of people committing deliberate fraud.

"We hope that the recent attention towards fraudulent claims, like the ABI's figures and Government and industry-led initiatives will result in a more effective way of distinguishing between genuine claimants and have-a-go compensation chasers or deliberate fraudsters.

"Fraudulent and exaggerated claims push up the costs of insurance for every driver, homeowner and holidaymaker in the country and if insurers are able to make sure they are only paying out for genuine claims, this will hopefully be reflected in all of our car insurance premiums."

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