Another council starts selective licensing

Another council starts selective licensing

Hastings council in Sussex is the latest to introduce a selective licensing scheme for privately rented homes.


The scheme will cover all privately rented homes in seven of the town's wards, thus applying to about a third of the 12,000 households in the town.


"Ten of our 16 wards have levels of private renting above both the regional and national averages. We agreed that seven wards should be designated for selective licensing as a result of a comprehensive consultation exercise, and a review of the evidence produced” says a council spokesman.


"The selective licensing scheme will help solve these problems and improve conditions for tenants and local communities. It will help create a private rental sector that as a minimum provides basic standards of condition, management and tenancy arrangements, and will require landlords to help tackle anti-social behaviour from their tenants” he claims.


An earlier bid to apply the licensing regime to 10 wards was knocked back after protests from landlord groups.


Licences will cost up to £415 per property although some landlords in appropriate professional bodies may be entitled to so-called an 'early bird' fee of £150.