Allagents threatens to expose fake reviewers as cheating agents

Allagents threatens to expose fake reviewers as cheating agents

Review site Allagents is threatening to put the word ‘Cheat’ on the page of any agent found to be writing reviews about themselves or any other agent.

Allagents’ Martin McKenzie told EAT: “We cannot be absolutely, 100% certain that all reviews are from bona fide customers and we don’t hide this. However, what we have are experienced moderators and a technical support team checking the source of reviews, email addresses and suspicious activity trends, along with a number of other techniques that we cannot divulge.

“We also carry out regular random checks and make contact with sample groups of reviewers and agents to obtain further clarification. n some cases, we ask for hard copy evidence to confirm or deny the validity of submitted testimonials.

“We make it very clear that any agents we do catch do risk being exposed as cheats.

“We can confirm that there are a small number of firms, large and small, that have been warned and placed on our watch list, which means they are open to tougher scrutiny.”

The site has emphasised the threat of exposure as it runs its current round of awards, the Estate & Lettings Agents Customer Experience Awards.

Closing date is August 31 so if you are keen on this sort of thing, there is still time for you to organise your clients into reviewing you.

The award categories include sales, lettings, combined sales and lettings, large chain, small chain, franchise firms and branches, providing regional and national winners as well as online agents.

The awards are free to enter, and all agents listed on the site are automatically entered.

“All the reviews used to calculate all the winners are available in the public domain, so there is full transparency,” says McKenzie.

“Agents can help customers to place feedback on their profile page by emailing them their direct ‘write a review’ page link.

“They can do this simply by going to their own review profile page, clicking on the ‘write a review’ button and copying the URL address of that page and pasting it into their clients’ emails. This one-click link will ensure that their customers are directed straight to the review page and will maximise the number of customer reviews.”