Achieving The Impossible: How To Pull Off A Stress-Free Move!

Achieving The Impossible: How To Pull Off A Stress-Free Move!

Moving house is one of life's most stressful events. However, with careful planning and organisation, you can dramatically reduce the hassle and worry on the big day. It's time to channel your inner Monica Geller and pull out all the stops! There is no such thing as "too organised" when it comes to moving house. Here's how:

Hire A Solicitor

Adopt the help of a reputable solicitor. Conveyancy specialists handle the legal aspect of buying a property, and are an essential expense. It is always advisable to confirm they are recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. Put simply, the less heavy lifting on moving day, the better.

It's time to get tough

If you haven't used or worn something in over six months, perhaps it's time to part ways.

do a good deed in the process, by donating clothing, curtains, blankets and toys to charity shops. Sites such as will give you cash for your CDs, DVDs and games and with services such as Spotify, Prime and Netflix becoming ever more popular, many people find the physical versions of their box sets mere dust gatherers. It is amazing how much space you can make just by thinning out your collections.

Adopt The "Little And Often" Rule

Don't put off packing. After the clear out, start to pack away lesser-used items. Don't overwhelm yourself trying to pack the whole house in one weekend. Task yourself with a small area in your spare time in the months leading up to moving day. Slowly lead up to the inevitable "big pack" (i.e. where you pack everything - usually in the week leading up to the move). Every small effort is worthwhile, and is far more productive than doing nothing at all. You'll probably realise you have more possessions than you thought.

Moving Day Plan Of Action

This step may seem overkill, but trust us when we say, it makes moving day much, much easier! Attain a floorplan of your new property. Assign each room with a number and mark on the floorplan. When packing boxes, label the room it is to go in with the corresponding number. Genius!

Why Numbers?

Firstly, it is easier to write "1" or "2" than "kitchen" or "small bedroom" on forty boxes. Secondly, it avoids the inevitable muddle. For example: Is it from the box bedroom of the old house, or is it going into the new house's box bedroom? Thirdly, items from your old property may be going to a different room in the new property. For example: The lamp from the living room may now be going into the new conservatory etc. Remember to stick an A4-sized number to each room in the new house. It makes moving almost fool proof, reducing anxiety on the day. It also makes unpacking a breeze, with all of the heavy lifting behind you!

Survival Boxes

These two boxes will save massive amounts of stress and mess on the day!

Moving Day Box

Fill with things you will need on moving day, without having to trawl through and open various boxes in the process. Things to include:

    - Refreshments: Kettle/ tea/ coffee/ sugar/ mugs/ tea spoon/ long life milk/ biscuits/ juice
    - Bin liners, kitchen roll, toilet paper, soap
    - Petty cash (around £10 in change should be fine, for any last minute essentials)
    - Phone chargers
    - Scissors, pen, paper, tape
    - Paper plates/ plastic cups and cutlery
    - Screwdriver, hammer, screws, nails
    - Colouring in/ activity packs to keep little hands busy (and quiet!) if you cannot find childcare
    - A bottle of something fizzy to celebrate with later!

    Document Box

    Passports, house deeds, birth and marriage certificates, moving van receipts and other important papers. Keep them together to avoid worry and reduce the likelihood of losing them. Ultimately, moving day will always be a little hectic. However, don't make it harder than it has to be: Plan efficiently, organise well, but ultimately enjoy the experience. It is an exciting and life changing time and everything will work out just fine in the end. Once you're in, sample the local take away with a hard-earned glass of something chilled and bubbly, you've earned it!

    If you'd like any advice on any stage of the moving process, why not contact your local Martin & Co branch? If you are moving house, you may also find out moving house checklist useful, it is a step-by-step guide on actions to be taken up to 8 weeks before moving day. A must read!