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A Chelmsford Property Pension?

Property is now regarded as a serious investment option and an attractive alternative to a traditional pension. The failure of many pension funds to perform has had a major effect on their popularity and people are now choosing to take more direct ownership over their destiny - in more ways than one.

Unlike a regular pension, property investment is not linked to earnings, and you can increase your investment potential (or gear up) by mortgaging so that you use the bank's money to deliver and enhanced return. Stock market shares do not usually offer sufficient security against which a bank would be prepared to lend and whilst huge amounts can be wiped off share values in an instant, property has generally proven to be a very secure long-term investment. There are no City fat-cats eating your cream, and the rental yield received when you let your property can make substantial inroads to your ''pension contribution''.

It maybe that your investment can also serve a dual purpose by providing you with a holiday home or university accommodation for your children when the time comes.

Property is a tangible and manageable asset and, thanks to the many property lifestyle programs on TV, it has become highly accessible, whereas other investments can be difficult to grasp.

Few investments actually pay for themselves in the short, medium and long term, but during these times of low-interest rates, rising rents and a stable property market, the combination of healthy and reliable yields and long term capital appreciation is certainly proving to be an attractive, relatively low risk alternative to other investments.

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