8 Upcycling Tips to Add Sparkle to Your Home

8 Upcycling Tips to Add Sparkle to Your Home
Could your home do with a little make-over? Are you strapped for cash and unable to splash out on the latest designs? Have you thought about saving your pennies and instead dabbling in a little upcycling to inject new life into your home?

Before you load a piece of furniture into a skip or whisk it off to dispose of in a landfill, you could consider its potential. With a deep sand, quick lick of paint and new handles could your chest of drawers appear as good as new? A touch of TLC can quite often add to the value of something and you may even surprise yourself with your DIY skills and the extra sparkle you've added into your home.

Here are some fun and rewarding ideas to get you started:

Give the Illusion

Not only can you design a statement piece for a bedroom or living room, you can also use it to create an illusion that the space is larger than it is. By painting an old shutter door in bright colours or decorating it with wall paper, you will give the illusion that you have extra storage space or a hidden room.

Accent Colours

Neutral shades can make a room appear clean, minimalistic and modern, however, a pop of colour can often help complete the stylish look. Instead of heading to town in search of something with a hefty price tag, make a detour and stop by your local fabric shop. You can easily recover old cushions, seat covers and even headboards with new material suited to your tastes and in line with the latest trends.

Top Tip: If you like the knitwear look, you can rescue tired yet treasured cardigans and jumpers, and use these to revamp old cushions to dress up the living room too.

Sentimental Value

Many of us are guilty of hoarding even on a very clean and tidy day, but there is always room to improve and upcycle. This is where the power of the imagination comes into full force, for example you can transform empty wine bottles into wind chimes, create candle holders or fill them with battery powered fairy lights for an enchanting effect.

Top Tip: Take great care when upcycling potentially sharp objects such as glass, the end result is something to be admired, but remember to stay safe too.

Channel Your Artistic Flair

Bring your memories to life by making custom photo frames from old magazines, Lego bricks, buttons or newspapers for example. This is a fun rainy day activity for all the family - bonus!


Are you one to embrace holiday spirit? You will find many worn materials and fabrics around your home which are crying out for a better use. One simple yet effective way to brighten your home with pre-loved is to create bunting! Just think about it, a pair of worn jeans can be transformed into some seriously stylish decorations!

Wardrobe Change

Bored of your bedroom furniture? You can very nearly wave a magic wand (or a paint brush) and create the illusion that you have gone shopping for a completely new furniture set, when in actual fact you've simply given it a lick of paint.

Top Tip: To really create the illusion your furniture is fresh from the carpenters, invest in some draw and door handles online. You can find ones with jewels and patterns in lots of different colours to match your colour scheme and tastes.

Aim High With Ladder Shelving

This trend seems to be an extremely popular one. Since you swapped your wooden steps for metal ones, what have you done with your old ladder? If it is still in the garage, save it quickly and design yourself some extra stylish storage space by sanding, painting and decorating it.

PLUS: You will find that your beautifully personalised shelving unit is a real conversation starter, so invite over your family and friends to marvel at your upcycling masterpiece!

Upcycle the Garden

While you are concentrating on giving the inside a make-over, remember there is great potential for magic to happen in the garden too! Old wellies make great plant pots, the jazzier and more colourful the better. You simply need to cut drainage holes in the sole, add a handful of stones for stability, fill them with soil and your desired choice of plant, for example pansies, marigolds, or even herbs. Then just sit back and watch your fabulous wellies bloom!  

So next time you are having a clear out or looking to discard a piece of furniture in favour of something which will more than likely stretch your bank balance, have a little think about the unlimited potential of a touch of upcycling and personality.

Plus, if you're currently renting your home, make sure you check out our post on personalising your rental home without losing your deposit too! Have you dabbled in a little DIY and upcycling recently? We would love to see your marvellous creations! Tweet us your pictures here.