10 Skills You'll Need To Sell Your Own Home

10 Skills You'll Need To Sell Your Own Home
There has been a growing trend amongst homeowners that has changed the way in which property buying and selling takes place. People are taking the power into their own hands to list their properties without the help of experts - shunning traditional estate agency methods in favour of listing their properties by themselves. While some people are quite capable and qualified to sell their own homes, it is no mean feat to go it alone and the process isn't as simple as many people assume. Selling a property is a major financial and emotional undertaking and while typically it can save money in the short term, it and could end up costing you more in the long run. So what exactly does it take to sell a home? We list our top ten skills, tips and tools you'll need to perfect new-age property selling. Once you are armed with this information, you can make an informed decision as to whether DIY home selling is the right choice for you, or whether it is not the time to discard the idea of using an estate agent to sell your property.

1. Photography

digital camera

When you choose to sell your own property, you need to ask some questions. Do you have creative flair? To sell your property efficiently, you will need strong photos and this means being able to commit time to take them on bright day if possible with lots of natural light, using a professional camera. Photography equipment can be vastly expensive. Is it financially viable for you to potentially be spending hundreds of pounds on equipment you will likely use once when selling your home? Smartphone images simply will not cut it in this highly competitive market. First impressions count when buying a home. Massively. With so much choice on the market, it's important to stand out for the right reasons and photography plays a huge part in this.

2. Interior Design Knowledge


Linking somewhat to our previous point and the creative flair needed, it is important to know what makes a room look spacious. Estate agents have great knowledge in what makes good images and good impressions. Clear spaces of any mess, turn on lights where possible, add coffee table books etc. Knowing how to stage your property for sale is vital.

3. Marketing

Agents have access to the most popular online property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket etc. to list your property for sale. They also have a valuable distribution list of potential buyers in your area, which they can send your property details to. If you aim to sell your home alone, you will not have these tools at your fingertips, so will need to use your initiative and use other, more cost effective online portals to advertise your home. These could include social media platforms or sales sites like Gumtree etc. These non-standard online routes take a lot more time and effort to have a chance at being effective. Social media and domestic selling sites also don't enjoy a target audience of potential property buyers in the way that designated property selling sites do. Do you have the time, knowledge and energy to push your house numerous times a day and potentially to the wrong market?

4. Legal Facts
Whilst an estate agent will never take the place of a legal professional in the property selling process, they can always help from their experience in the industry. In order to sell your property without an estate agent, you must know the legal facts. Are you able to do this?

5. Negotiation and Sales Skills

Selling a property is no different to selling anything else. You present it as well as possible, perhaps enrich its appeal by sharing historical facts and interesting information. However, it does require sales skills and knowledge. Without an experienced, confident and knowledgeable third party, such as an estate agent to carry out negotiations on your behalf, the role of sales negotiator will come under your remit. It's your opportunity to let your property shine without being overbearing and it's a tough skill to hone. It will however pay dividends when correctly demonstrated. Are you confident to haggle on price, and negotiate the best price for your property? Estate agents are skilled negotiators and are able to remain unemotional while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism. To successfully sell your property, you must be sure you have the confidence and negotiation skills in order to achieve the best price for your home. This leads me onto the next skill...

6. Communication Skills

There is no doubt about it, selling your own property will mean speaking to new people from all backgrounds. It is a good idea to get used to talking to strangers, be comfortable answering questions and arm yourself with lots of knowledge! If you are a shrinking violet, shy or have any doubt you will be comfortable talking to people, who you are not familiar with, it's time to reassess your sales plan now.

7. Good Time Keeping And Organisation

You will be in charge of handling online and telephone enquiries, chasing solicitors, organising and conducting viewings alongside a whole host of new challenges. It takes determination and keen organisation skills. This is not something you should take on half-heartedly. If you work, is your employer going to support you in your quest for selling your own property? For example, if someone can only view your property on a certain day, at a certain time, and you have that all important meeting booked at the same time, can you rearrange it and/or can you take the necessary time off to accommodate your potential buyer's requests? If not, you could end up losing that sale!

8. Time


As previously mentioned, selling a property requires a lot of time and effort. Not just in the initial setup, but consistently throughout the process. If you are unable or unwilling to dedicate a considerable amount of time each day to the process, perhaps selling your home by yourself is not the best route for you. Additionally, if you choose the DIY home selling option, it could be a much longer task when you opt to go with an estate agent, as you don't have their pool of potential buyers or their marketing portal access, as described above. Are you prepared for the sales process to take a little longer than if you used an estate agent? If you are looking for a quick sale, perhaps DIY home selling isn't the right fit for you.

9. Local Property Knowledge

The local knowledge of an experienced estate agent is invaluable in the sales process. A reputable estate agent will be knowledgeable in things such as: how much property in your local area is worth, what similar properties to yours have sold for recently, and does your property compare with other properties for sale in the area at the same time? These are the type of questions you will need to have answers to, and fast. This information will provide the foundation for you to be able to value your property appropriately, and give you confidence to be able to back up your claims, if necessary.

10. Technical Knowledge


Finally technical knowledge: You can dedicate the time and effort required to selling your own property, you are equipped with local property knowledge, know where, when and how you are going to market your property to potential buyers, and you are raring to go! However, the last thing to consider is technical knowledge: how and where will you store useful property information such as images, floor plans, descriptions etc.? Photo editing software skills may be necessary to retouch images to enhance their appeal. You'll need at least a basic working knowledge of the Internet, uploading files and email communication.

Are you considering going it alone? Is DIY home selling the best option for you? If so, great! If not, we're here to help! Martin and Co offer two 'types' of home selling in keeping with the latest trend of independence amongst consumers. Whether you prefer the traditional method or our newer online service, more information can be found here.