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10 Compelling Reasons to use Martin & Co Canterbury

1. We ensure the Tenancy Agreement is legally sound and up to date with ALL legislation.

2. We keep abreast of ALL legislation which affects and WILL affect Landlords…which means

3. We ensure Landlords are compliant for EPC’s, EICR’s, Right To Rent, Gas Safety, Deposits, Referencing, Money Protection (Question: Are you doing ALL of this yourself and properly??)

4. We field all the emails and phone calls (some on an Easter Bank Holiday!) for all the maintenance issues from the Tenants.

5. We organise Check ins, Check outs, cleaning, maintenance and even the overhaul of properties. If requested we can even ‘dress’ your property to get the best tenants and the best rent possible.

6. We photograph & video your properties and upload these along with all the other details onto all the major portals, our website and social media.

7. We talk (yes, on the phone) to Landlords to find out how we can help them.

8. We talk (again, on the phone) to Tenants to find out how we can help them.

9. We take care of all tenant communications & niggly problems.

10. 24/7 we keep an eye on any tenant communications to make the Landlords life as stress free as possible (yes, we are really that dedicated…some may say sad

So…. CONTRARY to (popular) opinion, we DO work jolly hard for our Landlords, our Tenants and our Fee!

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