7 Tips to Sell your House Quickly

7 Tips to Sell your House Quickly

No one wants to wait too long when they’ve made a decision to put their home on the market.  If you’re ready to sell your house, the following 7 tips could help you sell your home quickly – or at least a bit faster than normal.

Work with the right Estate Agent

Find a real estate agent that is familiar with your area; someone that understands your needs; and someone that is a good fit for you. Look past the smoke and mirrors and make sure the services you are looking for and the commission structure you are willing to pay are in line with your expectations.  Be sure to ask about their sales history, licensing, credentials and awards: request references and most of all, make sure that you are 100% comfortable. Finding an estate agent that you can relate to on a professional and personal level will help make the sales process less stressful, and dare we say, even enjoyable!

Picture Perfect

Prospective buyers often begin their home search online. Therefore, you want to provide numerous photos of your home – good photos that really accentuate the features of your house. If you’re using an estate agent make sure they offer you professional photography that will get your property noticed.  Make sure you focus on every room, features that make your house unique and showcase it’s character, and make sure that the house is immaculate when taking photos. Your estate agent should be able to help with this by offering professional photography that will get your property noticed.

Curb Appeal

“Never judge a book by its cover”, right? Well, although we learn to never do this, the reality is, curb appeal can either result in inviting in a potential buyer, or turning them away. Perception is everything and an attractive property with “curb appeal” will generate a ‘feel good’ factor for potential buyers. Even some small refreshes like repainting the front door or garage door and adding some plants and tidying the front garden or driveway will make a big difference and doesn’t have to be expensive.   

Storage Space

Remember, creating a sense of space is very important when selling your home. You want to ensure your house is de-cluttered and only the essentials are left in every room. An overkill of furniture or trinkets can make a room seem smaller which means less space for your potential buyer to bring in their own things. Even if it means renting a storage unit for a month or two, to clear out some of your things, it might be worth it. Making sure your  house looks spacious and inviting can definitely help to sell it faster.  


A fresh coat of paint can liven up the interior of your home. It’s a relatively small investment that can help your home sell faster; buyers like the idea of moving into a home that has little to do so having your home freshly painted before listing can add to the appeal. When painting, remember, neutral colors will make your home more appealing to a larger number of buyers; so stay away from bold, bright colors that may turn some of your buying audience away.

Keep an Open Mind

When working with your estate agent, don’t be afraid to ask for their opinion on what you might want to do to make your home appealing to local buyers. Remember, the agents know the buyers and they know what they are looking for. Being open to ideas that your estate agent brings to the table and implementing them might get your house sold quicker. Your estate agent will likely have seen a lot of homes and have a lot of insight on what’s hot and what’s not in your area. They also know what the unique features are being offered in other homes, so they really do have a pulse on the market. Listen, be open minded and even ask your agent for suggested contractors that might be able to help, in case you need a little help getting some of their suggestions implemented.

Lighten Up

Be sure that the maximum amount of natural light is allowed into your home: this might be as simple as opening up the curtains and blinds. Part of this is to make sure your windows, window frames and screens are spotless.

It’s obvious that your house should be visually appealing to potential buyers in order to sell it quickly. Work with your agent, change a few things, update a few things and work with the insights that your agent has of the local area and you’ll be sure to end up with a quicker sale of your house.

Here at Martin & Co. we know that selling a property can be stressful and it can be difficult to find the time to prepare your house for sale. Luckily, we have over 27 years of experience to draw on, which makes us extremely savvy in terms of our property awareness. We understand the factors that make the local housing stock appealing at every price point. It might be architectural detail or proximity to transport links; we know what will make your property appeal to a particular set of buyers.  To find out how we can help why not contact your local branch.

Thanks to Brionna Kennedy for this article and insights.