The Importance Of Inventories

The Importance Of Inventories

When commencing a new tenancy, you will want to hand over your property to tenant(s) who will look after it. Therefore, it is vital as a landlord that you have an Inventory carried out. The Dispute Service recommends that Inventories, check-in, check-outs are carried out by an independent party to provide an impartial and unbiased report on the condition of the property.

Failure to do so will no doubt mean a loss of the claim to the landlord. The reason why so many landlords lose is not a simple one. Its a combination of:

1. Landlords being used (ie pre scheme) to just deducting what they want without challenge, save in the few cases where tenants have braved the courts (where on the whole the tenants have won).

2. Landlords not realising that the deposit is the tenant's money . which means that THEY are the ones who have to prove their case, not the tenants.

3. Landlords not understanding the basis on which the adjudicators make their decision (i.e. on the evidence).

4. Landlords failing to take proper steps at the start of the tenancy to create a detailed and unchallengeable inventory . the foundation stone of all successful Landlord claims.

Therefore, to make a successful claim we at Martin & Co strongly advise all of our landlords new and present to have a robust and independent Inventory in place at the start of any tenancy.

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