Wolverhampton: East Side vs. West Side

Wolverhampton: East Side vs. West Side

We find that the East Side is more attractive to renters as there is generally more new build activity which accommodates your everyday renter. Additional to benefiting from lower rent you will find more current amenities in the East Side, in the shape of retail parks, housing restaurants, high street stores and a cinema.

The East Side also welcomes professional work places such as New Cross Hospital, which welcomes rental traffic from nurses and doctors. Investors will find it is quicker to get on the investment ladder with generally cheaper prices, and are able to reach for higher rental yields in properties with higher quality interiors' and inclusive of furniture around hotspots such as the hospital.

In our experience we have discovered properties that are able to reach West Side rental values in the East Side just by considering local amenities and what is on the inside!

Looking into the West Side we find that property market is more stable, with an almost equal share of properties For Sale and To Let. House prices are generally higher in the West, alongside benefiting from higher rents and more traditional style houses.

In this patch you'll find well known established attractions such as Tettenhall Village and Pool, Nuffield Health Centre, Penn Hospital, Walk-In Health Centres, and more! The West Side is made up of Villages such as Perton, Tettenhall and Wombourne which brings the countryside to the City with a great contrast. In our experience we find tenancies last longer in the West Side, and there is an excellent potential for life-long lets.

We are very proud to service both the East and West patches of Wolverhampton, and in our experience we have discovered it is a more lucrative let as far as yields go in the East Side around the hotspots, and in the West focusing on the condition of the property and the more character it draws upon.

As experts we recommend if you're looking to invest in Wolverhampton the East and West sides are as beneficial as each other, and for a more tailored opinion you can give office a call and speak with our Lettings Experts.