Rising To The Challenge and Winning!

Rising To The Challenge and Winning!
We feel a celebration is at hand at Martin & Co Wolverhampton. We'd like to share our record breaking months of Lettings with you. Over the past couple of months we've had the excellent opportunity to have apartments and houses, across four brand new developments, on our market and we have successfully tenanted each development with the highest calibre of professional tenants. 

Being fortunate enough to take on these properties has lead to this level of success means we have happy Landlords and happy Tenants, which in turn makes us happy Agents. 

With satisfied landlords brings more business with those individuals, as well as spreading of the news that we were fast at letting their properties! With satisfied tenants brings friends and families into the office, also wanting to find properties with us. Satisfied agents means that we will continue our dedication to you, our clients, and will always deliver the best customer service, with the most respect, confidence and trust that you are in the best hands at Martin & Co. 

Lettings these properties has been a challenge - we have been up against major high street agents in the race to let these properties, and we let them at the rate of 4/1. 

A London Landlord, owner in two developments, commented: 
"You smashed the Letting of mine and my business partner's properties!"

With the countdown to Christmas officially standing at 65 days we would like to invite you onto our website, and into our office to find the perfect home for you and your families to celebrate in.
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