Eviction: How We Are Helping Our Clients.

Eviction: How We Are Helping Our Clients.

In reference to the new figures posted by the UK Ministry of Justice it has been confirmed that the number of tenants being evicted by their Landlord is at a record high. 

It has been shown that more than 30,000 tenanted households have lost their homes, with a contrasting figure of 2,805 of mortgage lenders who have also lost their homes. 

These figures show that the UK is currently in the middle of a housing crisis. 

This means that, as dedicated letting agents, Martin & Co Wolverhampton must do something to protect our Landlord's and Tenant's alike. 

For tenants we find the most suitable and affordable housing that meets their needs and requirements as individuals, couples and families, as well as offering excellent customer service to ensure we keep an active and healthy relationship with out tenants, making sure we are as approachable as we can be about issues, and we offer quick, efficient and dedicated solutions to anything we may encounter. 

For Landlord's we offer a tailored service of Rental Guarantee, which has recently been amended to protect the property, rather than the tenancy, and covers rent should tenants default on their payments, covers legal fees for gaining possession, and covers damage costs for up to two month's rent after the vacating date, if the property is in such condition that it is unable to be marketed until work has been done.

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