Landlords: Evict The Easy Way

Landlords: Evict The Easy Way

We took note of a recent survey telling us that one of landlords' biggest worries is having a tenant who just wont budge. We then developed The Landlord Hub's eviction service to put landlords within Martin & Co at ease.


The Landlord Hub, our very own cutting edge tenant referencing facilty, provides Martin & Co offices nationwide with a market leading referencing product that uniquely includes free eviction cover for landlords. We are so confident in our referencing processes that we will pay the full legal cost of recovering possession if a tenant who we approved fails to pay their rent.


An eviction can cost in excess of £800 and can cause unnecessary stress for a landlord. So, having a specialist company manage this process free of charge is a real win for landlords. Our local expert team know that landlords in Wirral want the greatest protection they can when renting out their property. 


In addition The Landlord Hub product ensures that a reference check is no longer a snapshot in time. We know that a tenants circumstances and priorities can change - most worryingly, whilst in your property. To counteract this, the product enables tenants to be monitored throughout the tenancy term and the landlord alerted of any changes - something that up until now hasn' been possible with other providers. This is unique in the market and a very reassuring feature of our product.


A dedicated team of people work to support the referencing process. The Landlord Hub's mission is "To give people more than they expect and to do it cheerfully" making the proces of renting a new home, which can be an emotional time, as hassle free and as enjoyable as possible - for the tenant and the landlord.


Did we also mention that as part of the Martin & Co Wirral South fully managed service package, the entirety of the above is provided to you, the landlord, free of charge?


Tenant referencing is just one of a rang of landlold solutions and services Martin & Co Wirral South can provide. To find out how we can safeguard your investment and provide total peace of miknd for you and your tenants, please call 0151 645 3392 or come in and see us today.