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One of the main issues facing a tenant is raising the deposit on a property when they are already renting. This is because the deposit usually is returned after the tenant has moved into a new property. Martin & Co have developed a new product that offers potential tenants an alternative solution – THE DEPOSIT REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. This product is an easy and affordable alternative to paying a deposit. It reduces the move in costs for the tenant whilst also offering protection to landlord. The Deposit Replacement Warranty is paid for by the in-going tenant instead of paying a traditional deposit. The Deposit Replacement Warranty allows us to advertise a property as NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED which could attract more interest from prospective tenants. It also allows landlords and tenants to avoid the administration associated with the Government Deposit Schemes.


  • The property may be rented faster as the Deposit Replacement Warranty provides an attractive incentive to consider the property.
  • The Deposit Replacement Warranty product offers protection for the landlord as it offers the landlord deposit cover for 6 weeks rent.
  • The Deposit Replacement Warranty covers the landlord if a tenant vacates the property without paying the last month’s rent as well as damage costs.
  • There is no financial cost to the landlord as the tenant pays the premium before they move into the property.
  • Once a claim is accepted, the landlord will have guaranteed payment within 7 days.
  • There is NO EXCESS in the event of a claim
  • The one-off fee provides a warranty for the duration of the tenancy, however long that may be (includes damage cover).




  • No ‘large’ upfront deposit has to be paid
  • The tenant can move into their desired property quicker as they no longer need to save for a deposit or wait for their previous deposit to be returned from their current property.
  •  The Deposit Replacement Warranty is a simple product to understand and is quick to and easy to purchase.

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