How to calculate a rental yield

How to calculate a rental yield

How to calculate a rental yield?                                      13/11/2015


Today I am going to discuss how to calculate your yield when investing in a buy to let property.  The yield, put simply, is your profit, which after all is what you are doing this for.  It can be easy to lose sight of this important factor when you get involved in the excitement of a new purchase.

The standard way to calculate a rental yield is simply to take the price of the property and its annual rental return and work out the percentage of the return against the cost.  This is a good rule of thumb to use to compare different properties when you are buying.

I.e.     Property value  £100,000  rental achieved over 1 year  £6,000.00  yield = 6%

 (6,000/100,000 x 100)

However,  this is far too simplistic. 

When you have sourced your ideal property you will need to work out the return, as it applies to your personal situation.   Every investor will have a different calculation for the same property based on their individual costs.  I prefer to look at the yield on my investment so, for example, using the same figures as above, but assuming that I put down £25,000 as a deposit and borrow £75,000, the yield will look something like this:

Rental achieved    £6,000

Mortgage* cost on £75,000   (£206.00 per month, so £2,472 per year) 

Profit on rental achieved is £3,528

3528/25000x100= 14.112%


What the above example also shows is that it is more sensible to arrange your borrowing to maximise your return instead of by what cash you have available. Put another way, if you have £50,000 available is it better to put it all into the one property at £100,000 and maintain a £50,000 mortgage or buy two properties each with a £75,000 mortgage?

Using the same figures as above two properties would return £3528x2 = £7,056

One property with a £50,000 mortgage would return £6000.00 rent less mortgage** costs of £1647    profit = £4353.

So, buying two properties with would earn you 61% more.   This is called leveraging your capital and is a good way to maximise your returns.

There are other costs involved in all the examples above such as agent fees, maintenance etc. which would have to be factored in, in order to get a sensible  answer . These I have ignored for the time being, but will cover in a future article.

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*mortgage costs calculated using a BM Solutions currently available on interest only costing £206 per month 3.29%

**mortgage calculated using BM Solutions rate of 3.29% currently available costing £137 per month interest only.