Following the government’s update on 13th May 2020 regarding home moving in England during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are pleased to announce our branches in England will start re-opening their doors for booked appointments over the coming weeks. Health and safety remains our main priority, and a number of strict measures will be put in place to protect our staff and customers. Our offices in Scotland and Wales will continue to support customers from home. Visit our branch page to find contact details for your local office.

Continued growth in Buy To Let?

Continued growth in Buy To Let?

Continued growth in Buy to Let?

Now the election is out of the way the path is set for new and existing Landlords to invest in property to rent.  Labour's promise to tinker with the private rental sector is no longer a threat, so Landlords can invest (and potential tenants can be secure) in the knowledge that good quality lets will continue to be available.

In addition a lot of people aged 20-45 (57%) are foregoing making savings for a house, and are instead looking at renting. This is also reflected in the fact that homeownership is at its lowest level in 29 years, especially among young people, and this number may continue to decrease in the coming years.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing . but a positive reflection of the trend of wanting to rent. It is seen as a secure option, but still allows 'serious' renters to live in a house they can essentially call their own. There is no reason to see this trend changing any time soon.  If the government does what it has promised and builds much needed housing some of these will become available to new tenants.  More and more people will be looking to rent, which means that landlords will face no shortage of tenants to choose between when it comes to letting their property.

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