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Average BTL mortgage £149,000

Average BTL mortgage £149,000

The National Landlords Association has revealed that the average buy-to-let loan application in the UK is for $149,000.

However,the range of buy-to-let loan values varries greatly across the UK, with one third of landlords borrowing between £50-100,000 to fund their letting property purchase.

Broken down further:

.  27% of landlord borrow between £100-149,000;

.  13% borrow between £150-199,000;

.  5% borrow between £200-249,000;

.  12% borrow over £250,000

Regionally, landlords in London (Central) borrow the most at around £228,000 - a difference of £141,000 when compared to the average landlord in Scotland, who borrow just under £87,000.

NLA chairman Carolyn Uphill said: " While these findings indicate that the current morgage finance market is healthy, it shows that landlords, and their finance needs, are far from homogenous.  Like any small enterprise, private-landlords are always looking for an opportunity to invest and grow and this is only possible if their individual circumstances are taken into account by lenders.  In order to support the provision of homes where and when they are needed, landlords need access to tailored, affordable finance which makes investment viable."