Successful week at Martin&Co - Wakefield

Successful week at Martin&Co - Wakefield

We have been extremely busy this week. Dealt with many tenant enquiries via email and over the phone, booked in viewings, let agreed properties and also won many properties from landlords, so its obvious to say we are getting extremely busy.


We have recently gone into sales and currently had one property for sale on the market. We are proud to confirm that within two months of advertisement we have sold this beautiful detached property (subject to contract).You see this very rate as the sales side does take its toll when selling properties. If you currently have a house up for sale that is not getting much interest, why not pop into the office and see what services we can offer.


I was reading an article yesterday regarding new letting agents opening up everywhere, they are very small firms and gain properties by offering very cheap or even free services to clients! One must think how they survive. In Wakefield more letting agents are opening which is increasing the competition, yes their fees are extremely low which is attracting landlords, but will the same agents be there this time next year? it is hard to say so. I personally think, well established agents with excellent reputation should stand their ground and stick to the fees that are being advertised and compete with the other well established agents as the services provided are completely different. But we at Martin & Co are happy with the service we provide as we believe it is worth every penny and our landlord database also agree on that!


If you are a tenant or a landlord and wish to receive some more information, why not call us today on 01924 201457 or email us on to discuss in detail what we can offer.


Alternatively follow us on twitter for daily updates: @mac_wakefield.