Quick Lettings!

Quick Lettings!

We at Martin & Co - Wakefield have had a very busy start to the new year and are still going strength to strength with new applications and new properties! We pride ourselves in providing unrivalled and speedy service to both tenants and landlords.


Today at Martin & Co we attended many phone calls, taken application fees and instructed two properties on the market available to let. Following from the weekend we had an amazing bunch of email leads regarding the properties we have available so we are really busy!


We recently won two instructions from landlords who had advertised their properties with different agents in the area and had been on for months, As we received all the documents we required, we immediantly advertised the property and with both the properties we let them on First Viewings!! This shows that we provide efficient and a fast service to Landlords as well as ensuring tenants receive the best as well.


If your property is currently on with another agent and you are not getting much luck from it please feel free to pop into our office or simply call us or drop an email and we will be happy to discuss the services we offer and eventually shake hands and talk business!


For daily updates please follow us on twitter: @mac_wakefield.