Eliminating the silent killer

Eliminating the silent killer

No human sense can detect carbon monoxide yet very quickly it can overcome its victims with disastrous consequences. It kills almost 50 people in the UK every year.

It is a legal requirement for houses of multiple occupations (HMO) to have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. However it is now advisable for all landlords to consider the installation of alarms to protect the occupier and help prevent any legal action being taken against a landlord. 

The gas safe register recommends the use of audible carbon monoxide alarms which should be marked to EN 50291 and also bear the British Standards’ Institution Kite mark or another European approval organisations mark, fit an alarm in each room with a gas appliance.

Alarms should not be at ground level as CO rises and the alarm manufacturer’s instructions on fitting, testing and replacing the alarm should always be followed.

Black spot detectors that change color when carbon monoxide is present does not make a sound and it is important to chose an alarm that will wake people when they are asleep.

Wood burning stoves installed after 2011 need to be certified and a carbon monoxide detector fitted. Landlords are culpable if tenants die in their properties from detect that could have been foreseen or prevented, such as carbon monoxide build up.