Dressed to sell

Dressed to sell

A homeowner can do a lot to improve their property’s internal appearance to entice prospective purchasers.

To make a home more appealing skillfully placed mirrors, strategic lighting, delicious smells are all tricks that the professionals use to create positive feelings. As part of wider home staging; a service whereby vendors and landlords can buy or more commonly rent furnishing, to dress their property to sell.

A viewer will often make a decision on whether to buy a property within the first few minutes, with most buyers making that decision with their heart and not their head, illustrating that first impressions do count and home staging is an excellent marketing tool designed to appeal to various potential purchasers.

Having a property that is professionally dressed certainly does make it much easier to sell!

To entice prospective buyers or tenants, strategic planning and careful thinking is required to create an inspirational lifestyle; somewhere that people can picture themselves living in.  

It is not always possible for buyers to imagine themselves and their furniture in a new property and sometimes only physical or concrete evidence is convincing.

Research conducted last year by Floorplanner found that some 70 per cent of UK property hunters cannot imagine what their new home will look like even after seeing it in person, while 73 per cent find it hard to visualise themselves, their furniture or their belongings in a property for sale or to rent.

This can bring serious implications for pending sales as research also found that 75 per cent of people are less likely to purchase or a rent a property if they cannot imagine living in it.

Buying a property can be a very emotional experience, particularly for owner-occupiers, so creating a homely look that helps people to imagine living there can make a huge difference as home staging can show buyers how to make a space work.

The way a property is presented can make a huge difference; not just to its appearance, but also to the length of time it takes to sell the property and at what price.

Also in terms of a rental, a dressed property attracts more tenants than an empty property does as more tenants prefer to see what the property looks like with furniture inside. 

So landlord and vendors, want to sell/rent your home out as soon as possible? Try the above steps and you will see a good change!