Landlords 'Good' or 'Excellant'

Landlords 'Good' or 'Excellant'

According to a survey carried out by Saga Home Insurance, more than three quarters of tenants who responded have rated their landlords as being ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.   The main issue that tenants complain about is that they believe landlords should respond quicker to maintenance issues.

Top four issues which upset tenants the most;

1)      Poor response to maintenance (56%)

2)      Hard to contact landlords (23%)

3)      Poor quality of workmanship for repairs (21%)

4)      Landlords breaking the law by not protecting deposits (10%)


Top Three issues that Landlords have with tenants


1)      Late Rental payments (37%)

2)      Damage to rental property (32%)

3)      Tenants leaving at short notice (20%)



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